• Expertise in Lasers and Optics and their application in such areas as: atom-field interactions; ultra-high resolution spectroscopy; optical frequency/wavelength standards; and sensors, including, optical sensors, magnetic field sensors, and spectroscopic sensors (Ph.D.)
  • Expertise in Optical Materials including Photonic Lattices and Crystals (Ph.D. and PE)
  • Expertise in analog circuit design including digital conversion, interfacing and control system design
  • Expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and/or Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) designs. (PH.D.)
  • Satellite Control Systems expertise, including hands-on technical analysis studies covering the technical areas of pointing, control, jitter rejection systems, inertial sensor system development and advanced error budget concepts, for advanced higher precision pointing payloads.
  • Develop, analyze, design and assist our customer in building next generation inertial referencing systems
  • Top down system architecture development, generation and flow down of mission objectives to pointing and motion stabilization system definition
  • Total Systems Design including Software, Electronics, and Mechanical
  • Software designs in communications systems, prototypes, embedded systems, data generation simulators, test environments, converters, parsing tools, and many more
  • Electronic Parts Applications and in-systems failure diagnostics
  • Quality Management Systems Analysis
  • Systems Analysis using Lean methodologies

Dianna Shuniak

Larry Shuniak