What makes us different?
TCA, Inc. is an established service provider without bureaucratic policies. TCA, Inc. can contact, procure, and provide services literally within minutes of your first inquiry.

TCA does not “hire” employees and is not a temporary workforce agency. TCA purchases services from individuals and companies and assigns them to your specific need and under your direction.

TCA’s resources not only include Engineering and Technician-level resources, but Ph.D.’s and Professional Engineers as well.

How do we operate?
We work with you up front to establish our rates.

Through our network of professionals, we line up the types of services that you may require in the future, ready when you are.

We do not wait for the paperwork to start the job (you say the word, we jump).

We’re ready when you need us to provide resources “at the drop of a hat” because we are your partner.

Examples of our work:

A Contractor needed validation that a proposed design change to a “heritage” design would be acceptable to the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization.
(read Exhibit A)

A Contractor discovered a latent anomaly during their customers’ system integration.
(read Exhibit B)

A Customer required a temporary employee on an ongoing basis with experience in the specific contract they were executing.
(read Exhibit C)

Dianna Shuniak

Larry Shuniak