Exhibit C:

Long Term Systems Analysis
And Problems Resolution

TCA, Inc.’s Associates include many Self-Employed, Sole Proprietor, and Individual resources who do not want permanent employment yet possess the Technical, Engineering, and/or Scientific skills sought by companies. These individuals are willing to work for as little or as long a period as needed. As such, they are not candidates for employment by Contract labor companies such as Manpower or Aerotek.

A Contractor contacted TCA, Inc. in order to procure the services of an individual with well rounded skills in Analog Circuit Design, Digital conversion, integration, and control system design. TCA provided a resource with these skills and specialized in the very program that the Contractor required the support on. The individual provided services for over a year in various capacities and was available on an as needed basis thereafter.

For each mini-project, the Contractor notified TCA of adding an additional line item on our open Purchase Order and the individual simply performed without interruption.